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Each month, Caterpillar Wellness Services promotes a different health and wellness topic. If you have questions, call Caterpillar Wellness Services at 309-675-9268.

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February 2018: Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, but 80 percent of heart disease and stroke events may be prevented by simple lifestyle changes and education. You might already know how important a healthy diet, regular exercise, and not smoking are for your heart, but did you realize your sleeping habits, blood sugar, vitamin D intake, and even gut bacteria may also affect your risk of heart attack? “Knowledge is power,” and being aware of the many risk factors for heart disease and symptoms of heart attack—including more subtle signs like jaw and neck pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, and indigestion—could save your or someone else’s life. Caterpillar Wellness Physician Dr. Robert Van Zant explains what you should you know about heart health in this month’s wellness video.

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