Wellness Campaigns

Each month, Caterpillar Wellness Services promotes a different health and wellness topic. If you have questions, call Caterpillar Wellness Services at 309-675-9273.

Click here to join us for the August Finally Friday Webinar: Navigating Stress Through Mindfulness

August 2017: Stress and Mindfulness

Tips and resources:

6 Simple Mindfulness Exercises

Life Stress Inventory Scale

Mindfulness Introduction

Mindfulness Quiz

Starting a Mindfulness Group at Work

The 5 R's of Mindfulness

Navigating Stress through Mindfulness (presentation)

Additional resources for facility nurses/HR:

Stress and Mindfulness (editable template)

Stress Digital Sign Template (editable)





Upcoming Campaigns: 

September: Healthy relationships at home and work

October: Depression

November: Diabetes prevention

December: Living with purpose