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Each month, Caterpillar Wellness Services promotes a different health and wellness topic. If you have questions, call Caterpillar Wellness Services at 309-675-9268.

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October 2018:  Emotional Intelligence

Think about a time you had a really strong emotional reaction that involved another person:

  • How did you feel? 
  • How did you respond - impulsively based on emotion, or after carefully analyzing the situation and taking time to formulate your response? 
  • Did you feel heard and understood? 
  • Did you understand the other person’s motivation and intentions? 
  • Were you able to resolve the situation in a way that was productive for everyone involved?

Emotional intelligence is not about having “good” or “bad” emotions. We’re all wired to have a spectrum of emotional reactions. The problem is we’re neurologically wired to have emotional reactions first and to analyze the situations causing them second. This can occasionally cause problems for us when we act based on emotion—whether in frustration, jealousy, anger, etc.—before we’ve stopped to really think about things and the most productive way to respond. Emotional intelligence—or EQ—is really about putting a little space between what happens around us and how we choose to respond.

Dr. John Pompe, Caterpillar global manager of EAP and employee health programs, explains how taking the time to learn about and practice understanding ourselves and how we relate to others can lead to healthier, more productive social relationships both at home and in the workplace.

Note: If you are unable to access the video through the link above, copy and paste the following URL into your web browser: https://youtu.be/BmiUNXV-BmQ
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