Success Stories


Rick Zadoks - Mossville, IL


Rick Zadoks (Mossville, IL) was a regular user of the Caterpillar Health Exam Program and noticed his numbers (weight, waist, cholesterol, and glucose) had been inching up over the years. He had tried addressing his weight and exercising on his own in the past, but no regimen he tried ever lasted. But when his fasting glucose and A1C results diagnosed him as prediabetic, Rick says, “this was the final wake-up call I needed.” At the advice of his Caterpillar Total Health physician, Rick enrolled in Restore Health and within days was “fully committed to the program.” With the help of his Restore Health coach, Rick has completely changed the way he eats, sleeps and exercises, and his blood pressure, A1C and cholesterol are all at levels he hasn’t seen in 20 years. Now down 45 lbs. from his starting weight, Rick says he feels “so much better” and has “so much more energy!”

Mark Wilkinson - Peoria, IL

Not long ago, Mark Wilkinson (Peoria, IL) was struggling with his health—a fact his Caterpillar Health Exam results confirmed. After a coworker shared about his success using Restore Health, Mark decided to try the program for himself, and his decision was “life changing.” Since joining Restore Health, Mark has been thrilled with the personal coaching and education he’s received on learning to eat more consciously, avoid processed foods, and get enough sleep to improve overall well-being. He’s also been happy to share his new knowledge and healthier lifestyle habits with his wife and two children. In fact, he and his wife have both lost more than 13 percent of their body weight and each make time to go to the gym several times a week! At age 50, Mark says he feels “healthier, fitter, stronger and consequently happier” than he can ever remember.  

Vince Van Allen - Lafayette, IN

After stepping on the scale one day and being shocked by the number he saw, Vince Van Allen (Lafayette, IN) knew he needed to make a change. He began with adjusting his diet, walking in the evenings, and scheduling his Caterpillar Health Exam for the following month. During his exam, Vince’s healthcare provider recommended joining the Restore Health program to help aid in his journey towards better health. “The program helped me by giving visibility to my daily intake of food… The app was full of helpful hints and educational tools that helped me realize triggers for bad eating habits, how important rest and sleep are, and how stress can lead to bad habits.” Over the course of a year, Vince lost 100+lbs and was able to quit using his CPAP machine for sleep apnea and stop his medications for high blood pressure and acid reflux. Vince says Restore Health was his springboard to make some truly amazing health gains!


Having struggled for years with high BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as surviving a health scare that left her at risk for blood clots and made it painful to walk and live a quality life, Lisa Motter knew she needed help getting healthy. She completed her Caterpillar Health Exam and was excited to be referred to the Restore Health program. Restore Health offered Lisa the structure and accountability she needed to be successful, and her personal health coach customized a plan for Lisa to improve her nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise habits, while accommodating her physical limitations and medical issues. Since starting the program in July 2017, Lisa has lost 113 lbs and is loving her “new lifestyle” that allows her to be the best mom, wife and person she can be!

Derek Naylor - Morton, IL

After completing his Caterpillar Health Exam and being told he had high cholesterol and a high BMI, Derek Naylor was inspired to take back control of his health and his life. He enrolled in Restore Health, which he says helped him to define what it means to eat and live healthily as well as establish a healthful routine—the “most important part of the success!” Since joining Restore Health, Derek has lost 27 lbs, seen his cholesterol levels return to a healthy range and now runs almost daily alongside his wife. He says, “Family, coworkers and people at church all notice the difference and that feels great. More importantly, I’m excited about the results and changes and want to keep them progressing.”

Betty Fitch - Peoria, IL

After weeks of ignoring troubling symptoms including arm numbness and chest pains, Betty Fitch stopped into AB Medical and soon learned she had highly elevated blood pressure and an abnormal EKG. Upon urging from her Caterpillar healthcare providers, Betty went to a local emergency room and spent three days in the hospital, where doctors discovered major blockages in two of her coronary arteries. Since finding out about her heart condition, Betty has had a stent placed and remains under the close observation of a cardiologist. If not for receiving a Caterpillar Health Exam that ultimately persuaded her to seek emergency care, Betty believes she may well have succumbed to a fatal heart attack.

John Clark - Mapleton, IL

Not long ago, John Clark’s health and happiness were in jeopardy. He was obese, had no stamina, wasn’t exercising, didn’t sleep well and had family and friends constantly reminding him that if he did not change his ways, he would never live into a fruitful retirement. After receiving his Caterpillar Health Exam, John’s physician took him by the hand and said, “John, we have a program you need to be on.” John enrolled in the Restore Health program, which he says taught him balance and ingrained healthy habits. Today, John weighs in 55 lbs lighter and enjoys eating mindful meals, exercising, getting consistent sleep and spending time being active with his family… and “there is no going back!”

Michele Scales - Clayton, OH

As a breast cancer survivor with a family history of heart disease, Michele Scales says it was a “no brainer” to use her employee benefits and schedule her Caterpillar Health Exam. While reviewing Michele’s test results, her doctor noticed Michele’s EKG indicated an irregular heartbeat. Immediately, Michele was scheduled to see a cardiac specialist, whom she now works with to monitor and safely manage her heart condition. Since then, Michele has been sharing her story and encouraging her coworkers to schedule their own Caterpillar Health Exam!

Tim Hoefft - Mossville, IL

When Tim Hoefft’s Caterpillar Health Exam coincided with his 50th birthday, his Caterpillar healthcare provider discussed the importance of scheduling his first colonoscopy and provided Tim instructions on how to set it up. During Tim’s procedure the following month, doctors discovered multiple polyps, including one containing Stage 1 colon cancer. After several months of treatment, Tim is now cancer-free! He credits his Caterpillar Health Exam with helping him receive his early diagnosis that ultimately saved his life.

Mike VerKuilen - Mossville, IL

When Mike VerKuilen’s blood test results revealed elevated liver enzyme levels, his Caterpillar healthcare provider recommended he make a follow-up appointment with his family practitioner. After ordering an ultrasound and CT scan, doctors discovered a 5cm mass on Mike’s liver and made a diagnosis of bile duct cancer. Thanks to a Caterpillar Health Exam leading to his early diagnosis, Mike’s prognosis is more positive and his treatment options more plentiful than if his cancer had gone undetected until symptoms appeared.

Joe Kunzeman - Decatur, IL

Joe Kunzeman has received several Caterpillar Health Exams over the course of his career. When Joe's lab results revealed his PSA had been steadily increasing year after year, the troublesome trend convinced his doctors to order an MRI and biopsy of his prostate. Test results confirmed the presence of prostate cancer, and Joe underwent a prostatectomy. Today, all evidence suggests Joe is cancer-free! He is incredibly appreciative of the Caterpillar Health Exam benefit and believes it may have extended his life by years!


After completing her first Caterpillar Health Exam, Amber Brainard was pleased to learn her blood sugar and cholesterol levels were within a healthy range, but her physician was concerned her high BMI was exacerbating the symptoms of her polycystic ovarian syndrome. Determined to slim down to a healthy weight and feel better overall, she decided to join the Restore Health program, which she says provided the accountability she needed to succeed. “I absolutely loved participating in Restore… my coach was fantastic! She was a great partner for me – giving me just the right amount of coaching along with encouragement and support.” Over the course of the program, Amber lost 50 lbs and realized how important sleep is to her health. She now enjoys catching 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye each night and living life with fewer weight-aggravated symptoms!


After struggling with her weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar for many years, Cindy Day was eager to schedule her first Caterpillar Health Exam. After receiving her lab results, she immediately enrolled in the Restore Health program and has since seen her A1C lower, her lipid profile improve and her weight drop almost 40 pounds. Cindy is also grateful for the ripple effects of her Caterpillar Health Exam, as her husband and two daughters have been inspired to improve their own health after seeing her success.

Derek Wade - Mapleton, IL

After receiving a Caterpillar Health Exam, Derek Wade was inspired to improve his health and begin his life-changing weight loss journey. Since enrolling in the Restore Health program, Derek has lost 110 pounds and is in the best shape of his adult life.


Thanks to a Caterpillar Health Exam, Darilynn VeZain discovered she had abnormal thyroid hormone levels, ultimately leading to a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Disease. With her condition diagnosed early, she began taking medication and was able to get the disease under control before any major symptoms began affecting her life or health.