Success Stories


Betty Fitch - Peoria, IL

After weeks of ignoring troubling symptoms including arm numbness and chest pains, Betty Fitch stopped into AB Medical and soon learned she had highly elevated blood pressure and an abnormal EKG. Upon urging from her Caterpillar healthcare providers, Betty went to a local emergency room and spent three days in the hospital, where doctors discovered major blockages in two of her coronary arteries. Since finding out about her heart condition, Betty has had a stent placed and remains under the close observation of a cardiologist. If not for receiving a Caterpillar Wellness Exam that ultimately persuaded her to seek emergency care, Betty believes she may well have succumbed to a fatal heart attack.


Thanks to a Caterpillar Wellness Exam, Darilynn VeZain discovered she had abnormal thyroid hormone levels, ultimately leading to a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Disease. With her condition diagnosed early, she began taking medication and was able to get the disease under control before any major symptoms began affecting her life or health.

Mike VerKuilen - Mossville, IL

When Mike VerKuilen’s blood test results revealed elevated liver enzyme levels, his Caterpillar healthcare provider recommended he make a follow-up appointment with his family practitioner. After ordering an ultrasound and CT scan, doctors discovered a 5cm mass on Mike’s liver and made a diagnosis of bile duct cancer. Thanks to a Caterpillar Wellness Exam leading to his early diagnosis, Mike’s prognosis is more positive and his treatment options more plentiful than if his cancer had gone undetected until symptoms appeared.

Derek Wade - Mapleton, IL

After receiving a Caterpillar Wellness Exam, Derek Wade was inspired to improve his health and begin his life-changing weight loss journey. Since enrolling in Restore HealthTM, Derek has lost 110 pounds and is in the best shape of his adult life.


After struggling with her weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar for many years, Cindy Day was eager to schedule her first Caterpillar Wellness Exam. After receiving her lab results, she immediately enrolled in Restore HealthTM and has since seen her A1C lower, her lipid profile improve and her weight drop almost 40 pounds. Cindy is also grateful for the ripple effects of her Caterpillar Wellness Exam, as her husband and two daughters have been inspired to improve their own health after seeing her success.