Update your contact information

Moved recently? Stay in the know by keeping your contact information current. That way, you won't miss out on important information, your paycheck will be taxed in the correct state and you'll help save Caterpillar time and money in processing returned mailings and correcting Form W-2s.

NOTE: Benefits information is sent to your mailing address on file. When you update your contact info, make sure the updates apply to both your home AND mailing addresses.

Family moving home

Active Employees

Changes to home address, phone numbers or emergency contact information can be done via Workday.

Moving to a different state? You need to complete a new W-4 state withholding tax form. Search in Workday for Withholding Elections to make your updates.


Changes to home address and/or phone numbers, or to complete a new W-4 state withholding form, contact:

  • For 2023: Caterpillar Benefits Center at 1-877-228-4010
    (+1 847-883-0775 outside the U.S.) Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Central Time)
  • For 2024: Caterpillar Health Enrollment Center at 1-833-735-2127


If you participate in the Health Reimbursement Arrangement through Via Benefits, you need to update your information in these places:

  1. For 2023 HRA: Caterpillar Benefits Center: 1-877-228-4010 (+1 847-883-0755 outside the U.S.) - confirm your mailing address AND your home address
  2. For 2024 HRA: Caterpillar Health Enrollment Center: 1-833-735-2127
  3. Via Benefits: Online at myviabenefits.com/Caterpillar or by phone at 1-866-766-6087
  4. Your individual health insurance carrier