Network Pharmacy Directory

For employees and retirees enrolled in a Caterpillar UnitedHealthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield plan:

Network Pharmacies:

  • Walmart (and its affiliates Sam’s Club and Neighborhood Market) 
  • Kroger (and its affiliates Bakers Pharmacy, City Market Pharmacy, Dillon Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Pharmacy, Frys Food and Drug, Gerbes Pharmacy, Jay C Food Stores, King Soopers Pharmacy, Mariano's, Pay Less Pharmacy, QFC Pharmacy, Ralphs Pharmacy, Scotts Pharmacy, and Smiths Pharmacy)
  • Walgreens (and its affiliate Happy Harry’s) 
  • Community Pharmacy Prescription Network (CPRxN) - Access the Pharmacy Directory for the current list of pharmacies who participate in the Community Pharmacy Prescription Network (CPRxN).

NOTE: There may be other Walmart, Kroger and Walgreens affiliates that are part of the network, but not listed above.

All other pharmacies are "Out-of-Network" pharmacies and require an out-of-network co-insurance payment.

Network Pharmacy List
Download the Network Pharmacy Directory (Excel document)  



You'll pay less for your medications at a network pharmacy.

Note: Medications on the Specialty Products List must be purchased through our specialty pharmacy vendor, Magellan Rx Specialty.