Network Pharmacy Directory

For employees and retirees enrolled in a Caterpillar UnitedHealthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield plan:

Network Pharmacies:

  • Walmart (and its affiliates Sam’s Club and Neighborhood Market) 
  • Kroger (and its affiliates Bakers Pharmacy, City Market Pharmacy, Dillon Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Pharmacy, Frys Food and Drug, Gerbes Pharmacy, Jay C Food Stores, King Soopers Pharmacy, Mariano's, Pay Less Pharmacy, QFC Pharmacy, Ralphs Pharmacy, Scotts Pharmacy, and Smiths Pharmacy)
  • Walgreens (and its affiliate Happy Harry’s) 
  • Community Pharmacy Prescription Network (CPRxN) - Access the Pharmacy Directory for the current list of pharmacies who participate in the Community Pharmacy Prescription Network (CPRxN).

All other pharmacies are "Out-of-Network" pharmacies and require an out-of-network co-insurance payment.

NOTE: There may be other Walmart, Kroger and Walgreens affiliates that are part of the network, but not listed above. Network pharmacies provide the best value to Caterpillar participants and may prevent you from paying a higher copay or co-insurance amount charged for using an Out-of-Network pharmacy.

Network Pharmacy List  Network Pharmacy Directory (Excel document)  

Network Pharmacy List  Network Pharmacy Directory (PDF document)

If you need help finding a specific pharmacy or have questions, contact Magellan Rx Management at 1-877-228-7909 or visit 


You'll pay less for your medications at a network pharmacy.

Note: Medications on the Specialty Products List must be purchased through our specialty pharmacy vendor, Magellan Rx Specialty.