The Caterpillar Healthcare PPO NetWork strives to ensure its members receive quality healthcare in an efficient and effective manner. The Caterpillar  Healthcare PPO NetWork follows the Sate of Illinois single credentialing cycle, which is based on the last digit of the provider’s Social Security number.

When a provider is eligible for recredentialing, the provider office will be notified by letter sent to the primary office location listed in the credentialing file. Within 30 days of notification, the provider must return a copy of the letter received from Caterpillar with all of the required documentation listed below.

Failure to complete recredentialing may result in termination from the Caterpillar PPO Healthcare NetWork.


  • Caterpillar Attestation
  • Caterpillar Release of Information
  • Caterpillar PPO Healthcare NetWork Questionnaire
  • State of Illinois Uniform Health Care Recredentialing and Data Collection form (pages 1-18 and A-F)
  • Results of the Self Query of the National Provider Data Bank. Here's the link to complete the self query of the National Practitioner Data Bank:
    We highly recommend that the self query be completed at the beginning of the process for the request to recredential a provider. The receipt of the self query of the National Practitioner Data Bank report may take 10-15 days to be returned to the provider office.
  • Current copy of provider's state professional license(s)
  • Current copy of controlled substance license (if applicable)
  • All educational certifications (including current board certification, professional school diplomas, residency and fellowship certifications as applicable)
  • Current professional liability insurance with effective and expiration dates and amount displayed per occurrence and in aggregate
  • Current copy of federal DEA license (if applicable)
  • Current W-9 for practice

Fax or email the completed recredentialing application to:

Fax: 309-213-2166


Caterpillar reserves the right to terminate its NetWork relationship with any current NetWork provider. At any time, Caterpillar may require additional information from any contracted provider. Upon completion of the recredentialing process, the Caterpillar NetWork Provider Credentialing Committee will review all information and make a final determination. All applicants will be notified of the Caterpillar NetWork Provider Credentialing Committee's recredentialing decision.

If you have questions, contact a member of the Provider Relations credentialing team.