National Reciprocity Frequently Asked Questions

Caterpillar NetWork participants have access to contracted rates from respected providers and facilities within UnitedHealthcare's provider network, when you or your dependents require specialized services not available within the Caterpillar NetWork. For instance, UHC's network* includes such providers as:

University of Iowa

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

The University of Texas MD Anderson

Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN

The University of Kansas in Kansas City

St. Louis University Hospital

St. Louis Children's Hospital

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Scripps in San Diego, CA

Mayo Clinic

*Always verify a UHC provider's network status, because this list is not inclusive and is subject to change.

Am I allowed to use any UnitedHealthcare provider?

No. Because the Caterpillar NetWork contracts directly with healthcare providers in Illinois:

  • Access to National Reciprocity in the state of Illinois is limited, but is available in all other states.
  • View the map showing the areas in Illinois for which you may obtain UHC contracted rates inside Illinois (counties in red are NOT included in National Reciprocity).

What are some advantages of using providers covered under National Reciprocity?

  • Your claims will be processed using UHC's contracted rates, and this eliminates any issues with Usual and Customary balances.
  • Your out-of-pocket expenses should be lower because you can take advantage of UHC's contracted rates.
  • Your claims should process correctly the first time they're processed.
  • When traveling on business or vacation, you're eligible to take advantage of National Reciprocity and UHC network provider contracted rates. You may wish to print out a list of available providers before you travel, or contact UHC using the number on the back of your ID card, should you or your dependents need medical attention while away.

How does this help retirees who reside outside the Caterpillar NetWork area for a period of time each year?

If you're a retiree, you may find that UHC has an extensive network of providers in the area where you reside, and you may no longer need to change your address when you temporarily leave the Caterpillar NetWork area to take advantage of those UHC providers.

How do I find a UHC-contracted doctor or hospital?

To search for UHC physicians and hospitals, you can use Castlight or access UHC's search tool at Select the "Choice Plus" plan when asked. Remember, when checking for doctors/hospitals in Illinois, many counties are excluded from National Reciprocity, and it's in your best interest to refer to the National Reciprocity map.

Can I use the 30-Mile Rule?

Yes. If you cannot find a Caterpillar NetWork provider for the specialty needed within a 30-mile radius of your home zip code, you may contact UHC at 866-228-4215 prior to receiving services and request an approval to have these services considered at the in-network benefit level. UHC will confirm this at the time of your call.

The 30-Mile Rule allows members to access services closest to them that aren't available through the Caterpillar NetWork. It's important to remember that you must call UHC prior to receiving services to confirm that the non-network provider's services will be covered at the in-network level.

Do I have other options if I need out-of-network services?

Yes. You're always free to seek services from any non-NetWork healthcare provider, but your coverage level will not be as high as if you received those services from Caterpillar NetWork providers or providers participating in National Reciprocity.