You can visit the websites below to review quality information about hospitals across the U.S., and you can also use Castlight to compare costs and quality ratings of your local network healthcare providers and facilities.

Many hospitals have their own websites that provide info related to quality measures. Some also report quality statistics for their own physician groups. Be sure to check out hospital websites for more quality information.


Never Events are a negative result of healthcare that causes unintended injury, illness or death. The National Quality Forum, a nonprofit national coalition of physicians, hospitals, businesses and policy-makers, has identified 28 events that should never happen in a hospital and can be prevented. The National Quality Forum has deemed them "serious reportable events," or never events. There are 28 events, and each is classified under 1 of 6 categories:

  • Surgical (example: surgery performed on the wrong body part)
  • Product or Device (example: receiving contaminated drugs or devices)
  • Patient Protection (example: discharge of an infant to the wrong person)
  • Care Management (example: acquiring stage three or four pressure ulcers after admission)
  • Environment (example: patient death or serious disability associated with a burn during hospitalization)
  • Criminal (example: abduction of a patient)

View a complete list of Never Events.

When the Caterpillar NetWork renews its contracts with hospitals, the hospitals are required to agree NOT to bill Caterpillar or our participants for any services related to a Never Event.