Qualified Status Changes / Life Events

What are the qualified changes in status as governed by the IRS that allow me to change my plan choice before annual enrollment?

Call the Caterpillar Benefits Center at 1-877-228-4010 or refer to your Summary Plan Description for a full listing of qualified events as governed by the IRS. You can access your SPD at the UPoint website: CatBenefitsCenter.com

If I change my healthcare plan due to a qualified status change event, what happens to my deductible and MOOP?
The deductibles and MOOPS do not automatically transfer between healthcare administrators, such as a move from a UnitedHealthcare option to the Blue Cross Blue Shield EPO. To transfer a deductible/MOOP, the participant must provide the administrator of the plan option they're moving to with a final Explanation of Benefits from their previous plan option administrator. The participant should call their new plan option administrator for specific instructions (BCBS 1-844-228-2227 or UHC 1-866-228-4215).

If you change between UnitedHealthcare-administered options, your deductible and MOOP do transfer automatically from one plan option to the other.


Who should be notified in the event of a death?

  • Active employee death - HR Services Center-Americas/Panama: 1-800-447-6434
  • Dependent or spouse death - Caterpillar Benefits Center: 1-877-228-4010
  • Retiree death - Caterpillar Benefits Center: 1-877-228-4010 
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement participants should also call Via Benefits (formerly OneExchange): 1-866-766-6087


If I gain a dependent child next year, will I be allowed to change my healthcare plan choice?
Yes. Gaining a dependent child is a qualified status change as governed by the IRS that will allow you to make a new choice for your healthcare plan. You must contact the Caterpillar Benefits Center within 31 days of the event. After enrolling a new dependent, you must also complete the dependent verification process or your dependent will be dropped from coverage.

Does adoption count as a qualified change in status as governed by the IRS?
Yes, adoption is considered a qualified status change as governed by the IRS.

If I miss the date to take action, such as adding a new dependent, what can I do?
Your next opportunity to add a dependent would be at annual enrollment unless you have a qualified status change that would allow you to make a change to your election.