Fertility Benefit


Caterpillar is pleased to offer the Fertility Solutions Program, which is designed to help eligible employees and their spouses who may be experiencing fertility-related issues. The Fertility Solutions Program provides education and counseling and acts as an access point to a national network of premier reproductive treatment centers.

The program is available to employees and spouses who are enrolled in the Employee Health, Life and Disability Benefit Program and meet the Fertility Benefit's eligibility requirements.


  • To be eligible to receive covered services under the Fertility Benefit, you must enroll in the Fertility Solutions Program and pre-certify infertility services. To enroll, pre-certify infertility services, get information on in-network providers/facilities or access educational information, call the Fertility Solutions Program specialists at 1-866-774-4626 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central time). 
  • If you don’t complete the pre-certification process, the infertility services you receive won't be covered under the Fertility Benefit, even if your provider or facility is part of the Fertility Solutions Program network.
  • You may also contact the Customer Service teams at UHC (866-228-4215) or BCBS National (866-228-2227) or BCBS Caterpillar NetWork (888-228-1120). They can provide Fertility Benefit coverage details and facilitate contact with the Fertility Solutions Program specialists.
  • For more information about eligibility and covered services, see the Resources section on this page.


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