The way to find the high-quality, affordable care you need.

Castlight is a personalized tool that helps you find high-quality, affordable, local medical care. In just a few seconds, you can use Castlight to see cost estimates and quality ratings for doctors’ visits and medical services, understand what’s covered by your healthcare plan, see how much more you have to spend to meet your deductible and review simple explanations of past expenses.

With Castlight you can:

  • Save on care – compare doctors, hospitals and medical services with cost and quality ratings
  • Understand your healthcare plan – see simple descriptions of your healthcare plan and what’s covered
  • Review past expenses – see how much of your deductible you’ve met, how much you’ve paid and why
  • Make smart choices – receive personalized recommendations based on your past care and in-network options

Need additional information, FAQ's and helpful tips to maximize your Castlight experience? 

Castlight User Guide

Castlight Brochure