Frequently Asked Questions - Hearing Aids

If you're in the Caterpillar network:

Can I purchase a hearing aid from any provider?
In order to receive the maximum allowable benefit (as in network), it is important to use an EPIC Hearing Healthcare provider when purchasing the hearing aid device.

Must I utilize a network provider for medical services related to hearing conditions?
It is important to understand that a Caterpillar NetWork physician may provide services related to hearing disorders, however, in order to receive the maximum allowable for the purchase of a hearing aid, an EPIC network provider must be used.

Where can I locate EPIC hearing aid providers to purchase my hearing aids?

  1. Contact EPIC Hearing Healthcare at 1-866-956-5400.
  2. A hearing counselor will register you and assist in determining your hearing care needs.
  3. A hearing counselor will coordinate a referral to a provider located near your home or work.

What if I do not utilize a Caterpillar network provider?
The out-of-network benefit level will apply if you do not use the EPIC Hearing Healthcare provider network.

If you're in the UnitedHealthcare network:

Contact UHC at 1-866-228-4215.