We’re excited to provide you with ALEX, an easy-to-use online tool. ALEX helps you understand your benefits. During annual enrollment or when you experience a qualified status change, ALEX can help you choose the best healthcare plan option for you. ALEX can also help you understand your retirement income benefits and help with your financial wellness!

ALEX is currently available for:

  • Management/support/non-bargained hourly employees and pre-65 retirees
  • Solar Turbines employees and pre-65 retirees
  • Represented employees who follow the management plan
  • Pre-65 retirees who retired under a 2005 or later agreement between Caterpillar and the UAW who joined the management plan in 2018 or 2019


  1. ALEX is like a virtual Caterpillar benefits expert - it can help you pick the right options and explain any terms or concepts you don't understand.
  2. Using ALEX is easy! ALEX will ask you a few simple questions about your situation and needs in order to form a custom recommendation that's right for you.
  3. For a health insurance and employee benefits resource, ALEX is pretty funny. The experience is designed to be light-hearted, jargon-free and helpful.
  4. ALEX is available online, so you can use the tool with your spouse and family members from any computer at any time.
  5. ALEX does not keep or transmit any of your personal information. Whatever you share with ALEX remains completely private.


ALEX is a tool to help you make enrollment decisions, but it won't do the work for you. You still have to enroll in the coverage you want during annual enrollment.

Also, please note ALEX is an off-the-shelf product with limited customization capabilities. It's not designed to account for every eligibility situation and healthcare plan rule. For example, although our healthcare plans automatically include dental and vision coverage, ALEX may ask if you want to enroll in each of them and who you want to cover under each benefit.

We've tried to clarify these types of things in the tool where possible, but keep in mind - ALEX is just meant to be a guide to help you make your enrollment decisions; it's not meant to replace Summary Plan Descriptions or explain every plan detail.

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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions document to see if your answer is there.