Finally Friday Webinars

EAP hosts interactive work-life webinars for interested employees on the last Friday of each month at 11 a.m. CDT. The monthly "Finally Friday" sessions cover everyday issues such as depression & mental health, caring for elderly family members, online safety and more.

For more information on the "Finally Friday" series, including past presentations and forum discussions, visit the Caterpillar EAP Yammer Community.

Financial Fitness Academy

Routine preventive care is a great practice for our physical and mental health, so why wouldn’t we take the same proactive approach when it comes to our financial health? Caterpillar has partnered with Financial Fitness Group to offer U.S. employees the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in the Financial Fitness ACADEMY™ program! In addition to its quick, online Financial Fitness CHECKUP, the Financial Fitness ACADEMY offers an abundance of tools and resources to help Caterpillar employees keep up their personal financial fitness.

Join us Friday, July 26, at 11 a.m. CT as Financial Fitness Group Chairman and Founder Joe Saari presents Finally Friday – Financial Fitness ACADEMY!

Virtual attendance details

Friday, July 26:  11 - 11:30 AM (CDT)

Please note: Due to the potential large audience, this webinar is being held via WebEx and teleconference. You must log in to the WebEx to see the presentation and call in to the teleconference to hear it.

WebEx (visual):


Event number: 929 396 302
Event password: Financial$

If you have issues accessing the WebEx link, go to http://cattraining.webex.com and enter the event number and password to join.

Teleconference (audio):

Dial-in: 1-877-369-5230 or 1-617-668-3632
Access Code: 0375105##

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Recordings can be found on the Caterpillar EAP Yammer page. Click here.