Mental Health Awareness

Our mental health is an essential part of our Total Health and our ability to be at our best at home and work. Mental health conditions are common. They can be serious, but they can be treated. Consider:

  • Each year 15% of the global population will experience a mental health condition.
  • Worldwide, 25% of those seeking medical care from their physician will also have a mental health condition.
  • Suicide has risen to the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., the 2nd leading cause for ages 15-20 and 17th leading cause of death worldwide. It is completely preventable. 
  • When we suffer with a mental health or substance abuse problem, our families, communities and workplace suffer, too. (To learn more about substance abuse and addiction, check out the May/June Finally Friday webinars and other resources on benefits.cat.com.)
  • The good news? Many mental health conditions are preventable, and most are treatable. 
  • The bad news? Most never get the care that is available. Worldwide, only about 7% of those with a mental health condition get care, and often these are NOT the most in need. 

May is Mental Health Month. We want to take this opportunity to bring greater attention to the importance of mental health. This month we are sharing information to help educate and reduce stigma around these common conditions. 

Caterpillar and our Global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) want to encourage all Caterpillar employees and the extended Caterpillar family to practice a healthy lifestyle and seek the available care when needed. 


Caterpillar’s Global EAP is available to all full and part-time Caterpillar employees in the communities and languages where we work. 

  • For more information about Caterpillar’s global EAP benefits, click here or contact Dr. John Pompe at pompejc@cat.com.
  • To access EAP services in North America, call 1-866-228-0565 or 1-309-820-3604
  • For online services and local EAP access information listed by country, visit CaterpillarEAP.com.
  • Download the My EAP App for iOS, Android and Blackberry from your device’s app store.