Dear Member

The Caterpillar DC Plan pays valuable benefits to your loved ones should the worst happen, so it’s important to ensure your nomination details are up to date.  Nominating your beneficiary(ies) helps the DC Plan Trustee to know who you want the money to go to.  If the details are either not complete or out of date, this could delay the payment, at a time when your family might really need the money.  The Trustee uses its discretion to pay out the money to whom it considers are the beneficiaries, its therefore better to ensure you have completed your details to help them with the decision making.

It’s easy to update the details online through our secure member website, Mercer OneView.

Access it through your pension website, www.mycatpension.co.uk, then click on ‘DC Plan’.  You can log on with your CWS ID.

Click on the image below to see a short step by step video guide (note: you must be disconnected from VPN to view the video).



If you are a former member of the DB Plan, you also need to complete a separate form. Please contact the DB Pensions Admin Team by phone or email to request a form.

Tel: 01733 584777

Email: ukpensions@cat.com