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Basic Life and Accident Insurance

To give you and your family protection and extra peace of mind, Caterpillar provides you with the following coverage, at no cost to you.*

*If you’re a tobacco user, you’ll be required to pay some of the premium.

Coverage Amount

Management, Support and Non-Bargained Hourly Employees

Basic Life Banner

UAW and Mapleton Employees

Basic Life Banner_UAW and Mapleton

South Milwaukee and Denison Employees

Basic Life Banner_South Milwaukee and Denison
Imputed Income

The IRS requires that you pay taxes on the premium — called imputed income — that Caterpillar pays on your behalf for life insurance in excess of $50,000. The taxes you pay are based on tables established by the IRS and are small for most employees. This ensures benefits won’t be taxable if paid out to a beneficiary. If your coverage amount exceeds $50,000, you’ll see an “Imputed Income” line item on your paystub — you’ll pay taxes on the amount shown.

Additional Life & Accident Coverage

Caterpillar offers you these additional life and accident insurance options:


Be sure to name your beneficiaries for life and AD&D insurance when you enroll in your benefits. You can make changes to your beneficiary elections at any time through MetLife at MetLife.com/mybenefits or by calling 1-888-228-1811.