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Caterpillar employees and their family members enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare (UHC) medical plan have access to 2nd.MD, a virtual expert medical consultation and navigation service. With 2nd.MD, you can connect with board-certified, elite specialists about your diagnosis or treatment plan all within a matter of days at no cost to you!  Contact 2nd.MD to confirm whether you are eligible.

When to use 2nd.MD

When dealing with illness, injury or chronic pain, 2nd.MD makes it easy to get a virtual expert medical consultation from the best in medicine. 2nd.MD can help when you have medical questions like:

●      Do I have the right diagnosis?
●      Am I on the best treatment path and medications?
●      Is this surgery or procedure the best option for me?

What kind of conditions can 2nd.MD help with?

2nd.MD experts are industry leaders across hundreds of subspecialties and thousands of conditions, like:

●      Back, knee, hip, ankle surgery
●      Cancer
●      Heart disease and stroke
●      Digestive problems
●      Immunological disorders (type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis)
●      Mental health issues
●      And many more!

2nd.MD specialists

2nd.MD specialists are from highly respected medical institutions and leaders in their field of practice. Many own their own practices and have won prestigious awards. 2nd.MD specialists take an unbiased approach that includes:

●      Reviewing and confirming your treatment plan
●      Providing you thorough answers and another level of expertise
●      Advocacy regarding your healthcare needs
●      Giving you confidence and in some cases, additional treatment options

Activate your 2nd.MD account today!

You can activate your account with 2nd.MD today so it will be ready when you need it. To activate your account and/or request a consult: 

●        Visit www.2nd.md/caterpillar
●        Call 1-866-269-3534
●        Download the 2nd.MD app via App Store or Google Play  

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